Saguaro official studio & live recordings

Saguaro "Kitchen Sessions"

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1.  Tell Me Everything  04:01

2.  Going Too Far  04:22

3.  Feeling Ashamed  04:00

© 2016 Saguaro. All songs written by Saguaro, all lyrics written by Sanel Kadić and Aldo Sansó. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Maarten Moerland and Saguaro at Slung Studios Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Sanel Kadić: Bass Guitars, Lead Vocals and Backing Vocals on all tracks. Aldo Sansó: Drums on all tracks, Backing Vocals on "Tell Me Everything" and "Going Too Far". Maarten Moerland: Synths on "Tell Me Everything" and "Going Too Far", Guitars on "Going Too Far", Backing Vocals on "Tell Me Everything", "Going Too Far"and "Feeling Ashamed". Artwork and Photography by Sanel Kadić.

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